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API Evangelist has always been about the business of APIs. But as the API universe expands, there seeing a need to start expanding how I provide access to information. I'm breaking off news, analysis, tools and services around API design and deployment into their own areas.

These areas are in constant flux, but I try to keep these doorways to my research for newbies, looking to get into the API provider game, as well as the latest trends in how the API savvy folks are evolving their own approaches to designing, deploying and managing their APIs.

API Design

API Deployment

API Management




Providing APIs is tightly woven with API consumption. It is hard to separate the two. There are many areas that overlap in my research in providing APIs or consuming APIs, so make sure and check out the API consumption section as it evolves as well as the API trends, API opportunities and API priorities area for specific approaches to APIs in the wild.