{"API Evangelist"}

My name is Kin Lane, the API Evangelist, and this is my domain, where I work to better understand the world of the Application Programming Interface, or just API. APIs are touching almost every aspect of our increasingly digital lives, providing access to the bits and bytes that make our personal and professional worlds work. I work daily to publish the news, organizations, individuals, tools, and other common patterns I come across as part of my research. You can stay in tune here on the home page of API Evangelist, or via Twitter at @kinlane, and @apievangelist.

It is important to remember, that all of my research sites, are actually machine readable projects, that run as Github repositories, and as I research the space, and gather more information, I publish to different areas. My research is constantly evolving, and being updated, and as you navigate my research, you are walking through my live workshop.

If you find a mess anywhere, please let me know via the Github issues for each project, or via Twitter and email if you need.