{"API Evangelist"}


Web APIs are transforming many industries. But there are a few areas I'm seeing huge opportunities for APIs to make a serious impact or are already being applied in innovating ways.

Many of these opportunities are emerging under what is known as the Internet of Things, which is the next evolution of Internet connectivity being applied to everyday physical objects, but also have huge opportunity to impact our lives.

3D Printing




Quantified Self

While the Internet of Things is a fast moving space, not everything is positive. There is a lot of unexplored territory when it comes to connecting common objects in our lives to the Internet. I watch these opportunities to help identify both the positive and negative, in hopes of making the most of these opportunities.

These are just a handful of the API opportunities I'm watching. I'll be rolling out other sections in the future. If you see an API area in the space you think I should be focusing on, please let me know.