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What Does The API Evangelist Do?

I sent three emails this morning to people, explaining what it is that I do and how they can get involved. This process reminded me that I need to do the same here via the blog on a regular basis, to help people understand what API Evangelist is, and my vision for it.  

Despite popular belief I do not evangelize any single API to developers, my role (self-appointed) is to evangelize all APIs to the masses, most importantly beyond the developer community--penetrating business, marketing and other key groups.

At API Evangelist I monitor the entire API space. To do this I track on 2000 of the best of the APIs out there.  I've gone through the entire ProgrammableWeb Directory and hand pick the ones that are worth paying attention to, and I continue doing this in real-time as they are added. Its not that the rest aren't worthy of use, just not an approach I feel is worth showcasing to other API owners.

700+ of these APIs have blogs, 1000+ have Twitter accounts and many have Github accounts. I monitor all in real time. I also track on 250+ blog feeds from mainstream tech blogs (TC, Gigaom, etc) as well as lesser known feeds.  

I watch all this in real-time and tag everything using a centralized system I've developed.  This is where I derive my blog posts and generate what I call my API Stack. The API Stack isn't meant to be a definitive list of who are the best, in a single order, but a living stack of which APIs are worth paying attention to, and are doing innovative things on a week to week basis.

I generate The API Stack using my home grown ranking system which is based upon 3 types of signals: 

From all of this weekly process I have carved several areas I focus deeper on:

API Service Providers

API Trends

API Priorities

These areas will evolve and grow as my research continues and the space changes.  From all of this research I produce short form analysis (blog posts, project sites) and long form content (whitepapers, books).  To keep things simple I provide a single standard monthly subscription to partners wishing to access of all this for $1500.00 / month.

This monthly subscription provides access to all research, data and writing I produce.  I'm willing to negotiate other relationships, but this helps me keep a nice pool of clients, and me knowing I'll be in operation next month.  Keeps me focused on research and not chasing new customers all the time.

Sometimes I also do specific industry research looking for patterns and opportunities as well going deeper by targeting specific APIs, like Twitter or Twillio, but I try to keep targeted research feeding into my overall pool of industry data, providing value to the bigger picture and overall space.

Hope this helps you understand what it is I do, and if you'd like to get involved, feel free to reach out.