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HAPi Hack Weekend

There is a hackathon going on this weekend in San Francisco over at the TokBox Offices.

HAPI Hack Weekend has a pretty simple focus: Create cool new software using APIs.

The event starts Friday, 6/10 with participating APIs showcasing their companies, thenattendeescan then pitch ideas and form teams for building potential apps.

Attendees will spend the rest of the weekend hacking on their ideas, with the eventconcludingSunday afternoon with demo presentations, judging, and awards.

Detailed Schedule is: Each API company participating in the event will offer a prize for the best app that uses their API. Here is a list of the participating APIs including information about what the API does and what prize is offered for using it: I'll be heading over this weekend to see the action, you can still get a FREE ticket for HAPI at EventBrite.