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API Evangelism vs. Developer Evangelism

I have found a voice through my blog, API Evangelism.

I get asked why "API Evangelism" instead of "Developer Evangelism"?

I see a significant difference: Developer evangelists are generally focused outwards, staying within the developer community and often times are, or have been developers themselves. They understand the problems their developers face and provide resources, so they are successful using an API.

As an API Evangelist I focus on everything a developer evangelist focuses on, but I also find myself selling the API and its benefits both externally and internally.

If I see a potential use for an API, one that enhances the core business, I will build a prototype and get to work selling the appropriate department(s) on the benefits.

In addition to selling internal business leaders on benefits of a specific API, I spend a lot of time educating external business leaders on the benefits of APIs in general. Using a specific API (hopefully my own) for building the business case.

We need more developer evangelists, but we also need armies of API evangelists who will teach the business masses of the benefits of APIs, and prepare them for the coming API economy.