API Evangelist Tools

I am a programmer. I have over 30 years of experience programming. Even though I do not currently own any toolion environment, or technology tools, beyond operating my own infrastructure, I still can't help myselft when it comes to developing micro apps. I really enjoy developing simple, usually standalone JavaScript applications that run 100% on Github using Jekyll, and accomplish some specific goal in the API space.

While not all my tools are ready for prime time, I try to keep them each in their own Github Repo, with as much of the backstory, code, data, and other definitions needed to understand what is going on. When I feel a tool is relevant, or maybe publish a story about it, I will usually add it to this list of API Evangelist tools, and share as part of my regular research, and even sometimes to operate my business.

I am working to update these regularly, and add new ones for other areas of my research, and running API Evangelist when I can. While many of my tools are functional, and I actively use them in my work, you should check with me before ever puttting them into a production environment.

If there is a specific area you'd like to see a tool for, feel free to let me know. I'm happy to priotize a specific stop along the API lifecycle, as well as take on paid work to develop micro tooling, when it contributes to the API community.