API Evangelist Services

These are just a few of the services I offer to my clients as part of my work as the API Evangelist. These service are developed over the last seven years operating in the API space and working with a variety of companies doing APIs in a specific industry, as well as selling services to the API sector.

If you need help with any stop along the 70+ areas of the API lifecycle I track on, let me know how I can help. I'm a one person shop, but I depend on about 50% of my time spent on consulting to pay the bills, as well as procure a steady stream of stories, and real life best practices when it comes to APIs.

API Getting Started

Getting started with APIs at your organization, company, institution, or agency can be a daunting thing, let me help you figure out the best path forward with APIs. Even if your IT or developer groups are a little hostile to the idea of APIs, or business groups being involved in these discussions..

API Storytelling

First, and foremost I tell stories, here on my blog, and in person at conferences, meetups, and internal or private gatherings. While I do not take money in exchange for writing directly about a companies products or services, there are many ways I approach to taking money for API storytelling that also allows me to sleep at night, and show my face at events within the industry..

API Research

Studying a specific aspect of the API industry. My focus is on the 75+ areas of the API lifecycle available on my home page, but I am happy to zoom in on other areas if it will help you..

API Content

I am a prolific content creator, generating what I need for my storytelling, as well as for a variety of other industry guides, white papers, API strategy. I'm happy to help explore if there are industries or specific topics that you'd like to see white paper, case studies, and other guides developed for. I enjoy this type of writing, and find it a rewarding way to generate revenue for API Evangelist..

API Training

I've worked with companies, organizations, higher educational institutions, and government agencies to develop internal and external API training curriculum. If you are in need to API training materials and classes developed, let me know if I can help your organization stay in tune with the latest from the API sector..

API Reviews

Be the first external developer to review an API and its supporting operations, signing up for usage, making API calls, and providing feedback on where improvements can be made..

API Profiling

Profiling API operations including the creation of OpenAPI definitions for all functioning APIs, and establishing an APIs.json index of everything invovled with operations from signup to integration. I enjoy documenting what a company is doing, the details of their APIs, their API operations, and even the people involved in the API kitchen..

API Guides

I am happy to assist you in crafting an API guide for any stop along the API life cycle, raning from API design guidelines for your team to API deprecation policies that help you plan for the future and communicate change with your consumers. Guides are great for helping your team understand the landscape, without all the clutter and distractions, helping establish some common guidelines and approaches to making APIs happen..

API Portals

Help you craft an API portal to support your API operations and actually develop, deploy, and in some cases help manage the operations of the central location for any API to operate and engage with consumers..

API Prototypes

I spend a lot of time mocking APIs, and developing prototypes that can be used as a module for possible producting toolss, services, and other products built on APIs. Protoytping an API can be a cheap way to flesh out an idea, and even test it with a group of developers or business users--let me know if I can help you tackle your projects in this way..

API Development

I do develop APIs. In some cases I will actually help organizations design, develop, and deploy APIs. There are a wide variety of reasons you will want to deploy APIs, let me help you figure out the best path forward when it comes to crafting your APIs. API deployment is something your group should own, but I'm happy to get the conversation moving in the right direction..

API Policy

I assist city, state, and federal government agencies in helping think through, and craft policy that contains strong API lanaguage, building a road map for the API future of any sector being impacted by technology. Government tends to be a few steps behind the technology industry when it comes to interoperability and agility, and I'm happy to help agencies think through the latest approaches in the context of how government works..

These are the common areas I work with companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies when it comes to APIs. Over the last seven years I've developed a unique set of skills that have helped people better understand the API sector, and how it applies to their specific organizational or even individual goals.

Let me know how I can help you, I'm open to discussions about how I can help you better understand and play an active role in the API sector. I work with many organizations in a one time engagement, as well as have regular conversations with a variety of API providers, and service provides in the space. Drop me an email at [email protected], ping me on Twitter @kinlane, or submit a Github Issue on of of my specific projects, and I'm happy to explore what I can do for you.