Google Launches HTML Game Development Course with Udacity

Google is using the online learning platform Udacity to teach developers about game development. The new HTML Game Development course (CS255), is the online classroom for the programming class, coupled with a series of study groups hosted at Google's San Francisco office and a contest providing developers an incentive to complete the class.

Google is kicking off the course with a live session, with Udacity CEO Sebastian Thrun on Thursday, February 14th at 10:30 AM and the class will be taught by Colt McAnlis (Developer Advocate, Chrome Developer Relations), Peter Lubbers(Program Manager, Chrome Developer Relations), and Sean Bennett (Architect, Udacity).

The HTML Game Development course from Google is an interesting approach to developer education by providing an online course bundled with in-person or streamed workshops and study groups, bundled with a contest to help motivate students.

I may create a blueprint for other API providers to follow, when launching their own courses in a similar way to Google.