Google+ APIs Released to Small Group of Devs

Google just put up a new Google+ Platform blog today, to support the growing demand around their new social platform.

Developers have been waiting for the release of the Google+ API, so they can get to work building Google+ applications. While Google did put up aGoogle+ developers signup form, there has been no other word about access to the Google+ APIs.

Apparently, todays launch of games on Google+ represents the first wave of developers using the Google+ APIs. Google chose to release the Google+ API to a small number of gaming partners so they could experiment, gather feedback and work the kinks out of the Google+ APIs before releasing it into the wild.

It shows they are starting to allow developers into the Google+ APIs, but I am sure they are prioritizing their partners, and unless your a Zynga or a Popcap, I doubt you'll get early access.

It seems wise of Google to open up access to game developers first, after the major success of the Facebook API platform was around gaming.