WebServius API Service Provider

WebServius provides a self-service tool for deploying, managing and monetizing datasets using an API.

WebServius provides users with the ability to integrate and store data, and enable access to the data via a REST API with XML and JSON responses.

There is support for planning, development, implementation and ongoing management of APIs generated from data sources.

WebServius offers two service levels:
  • Self-Service - Tier for technical people who can handle the setupthemselves, using the WebServius self-service interface. The self-service plan is free up to 50 API subscribers, with up to 10,000 total API calls per day and 5 calls per second at peak times. If you go over any of the limits of the self-service plan, it costs $1 for every 30,000 API calls.
  • Full-Service - Pricing level if you are planning to create a commercial-grade data API. Service is custom fit to exact needs, starting from data integration, to API download page, to user management. Pricing varies based upon needs.
There is also a 20% charge of all revenue made through an API whether it is on the self-service or full-service pricing structure.

Using WebServius you can proxy an existing REST API or connect directly to a data service provider, including Amazon SimpleDB.

Once data is integrated, WebServius allows you to create custom details, plans, promotions, policies and pricing for the data API you wish to publish.

Each published API on WebServius is given a detail page for subscribers to access. There are also options for custom site integration and private label deployment solutions.

Users can then register, and subscribe to specific plan for any published API,then access data via the API or a full data download.

All subscribers are given API keys and WebServius provides tools for validating API keys, and throttling of API requests.

WebServius handles all the security, performance and reliability of the API platform, and also provides a reporting suite for monitoring API activity in real-time.

WebServius offers a complete data API solution for entry level providers as well as a businesses looking to monetize their datasets on a larger scale.