New API Management Platform Players

Two new API management platforms were launched this month. Layer 7 technologies launched the Layer 7 API Portal, and SOA Software launched their Atmosphere API platform.

These new platforms show the API space is really heating up in 2011. The enterprise is taking notice of the value of APIs, and service providers are lining up to compete for the business.

These new platforms offer asimilarset of services as Mashery, Apigee, 3Scale including:
  • API Provisioning
  • Metrics and Billing
  • Security and Control
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Developer Registration and Accounts
  • Developer Support
Some of them deploy their solutions on-premise, while others deploy in the cloud, and a couple of them will do both. Each provider has their own approach to API management, but essentially accomplish the same end goal.

I'm going to work on a better side by side comparison of Layer 7, Atmosphere, Mashery, Apigee, 3Scale and Mashape. Hopefully to help people understand what each API service providers delivers.