Finishing School for Potential API Providers

I'm preparing for a talk tomorrow at the Glue conference in Colorado. Glue is a conference that assists architects, developers, administrators and integrators in solving problems around web application integration.

Glue is about all of bits and pieces, APIs and meta-data, standards and connectors that will help us to glue together the varying applications of the new platform.

I'm joining Justin Tormey, Director, Customer Evangelism - Open API Platform at Alcatel-Lucent to present a session called Finishing School for Potential API Providers.

The outline for our session is:
  • If you build it... they won't come
  • Common Building Blocks
  • Innovative Building Blocks
  • Developer ? Developer
  • Monetization
  • Customers ? Customers
  • Make it concrete.
  • Evangelism
We hope you can make it out to Glue for our session at 1:30-2:00 PM on Wednesday. It should be a realistic perspective about whats needed for anyone looking to deploy an API.

You can still tickets get tickets for Glue on their registration page.