Google Apps Marketplace

Google Apps is an online email, document, and collaboration platform in the clouds.

Google Apps Marketplace provides a directory of custom third party applications in various categories for Google App users to add, to their available services.

Google Apps Marketplace also provides a self-service platform for application developers to build applications and deliver for free, or for pay, via the Marketplace.

Any developer can register for a vendor profile, and:
  • Create new application listing
  • Provide details of application including category, name, and summary
  • Set pricing of application
  • Provide external links
  • Add screenshot or logo
  • Provide screencast or how to video
  • Add version information
All applications must support Single Sign On (SSO) for Google Account integration.

Developers can then build applications in the language and platform of their choice.

Once the application is production ready, the Marketplace requires developers to submit applications for approval, providing quality control for the marketplace.

Google Apps Marketplace provides a self-service application development platform where custom apps built using Google APIs, can be deployed to Google Apps Business, Government, Education and Non-Profit users.