{"API Evangelist"}


When you spend a lot of time looking at the API space you start seeing new patterns of how APIs are being used in new and exciting ways. I tag any interesting company that I find using APIs, and regularly checkin to see which tag areas are growing--resulting in these different trends.

Its not the early days of API mashups, there are numerous new ways that API usage is evolving--further connecting the data and resources we need to build the next generation of web and mobile apps. These are some of the interesting approaches I'm currently seeing.






Single Page Apps (SPA)



These are just a handful of the API trends I'm watching. I'll be rolling out other sections for trends in the future. There is a lot of overlap between some of these areas, you will find multiple providers in some areas.

The goal of this API trends section is to track on emerging approaches to APIs, in hopes of moving them into other fixed areas, or maybe they won't go anywhere at all. BaaS started here, and I recently moved it under the API consumption area.

If you see a trend in the space you think I should be focusing on, please let me know.