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I spend a lot of time on API Evangelist getting excited about APIs. Going on three years, I'm getting a little more hardened in my view on what is "good" in the API space. Along with that evolution, I'm working hard to get my priorities in order.

While I may get excited about cloud computing APIs or quantified self APIs, there are other areas I think are straight-up priorities--ones that as a global society, we can't ignore. To support this approach, I've launched several research projects into areas I have labeled as API priorities.

Federal Government

City Government





These priorities represent areas I'm actively doing research in, looking for the best APIs, tools, services, building blocks and news while also generating as much analysis and white papers as I can to help define what is going on.

As with all of the API Evangelist network of research projects, everything is a work in progress and represents what I have time to dive into. If you see anything missing, or feel some priority areas are not represented, let me know.