Real-time and Visualizations Will Be Key in Financial API Deployments

I have been doing a lot of research into the world of financial APIs, specifically looking at some of the larger companies providing APIs that deliver market news, data, corporate profiles, and other data that make markets go round.

As I consider some of the common building blocks that are common across many financial API--real-time data frameworks, and visualization tools are two of the top items that I think will be part of every financial API stack in the future. Almost every API I looked at had some sort of real-time stream, promising data faster, as well as a way to extract meaning from these streams using template, or custom visualizations.

I’m tracking on real-time API services and tools, and i’ve been seeing some of these frameworks, like Firebase getting baked in by default to some API platforms. I am also tracking on visualization tools, I just don’t have the research published as a Github repository yet, like I do with my real-time research.

I will keep tracking on API providers who are doing interesting things with real-time or visualizations, and hopefully be able to publish more examples. I can’t help but think there are some pretty interesting opportunities for open frameworks, and white label solutions for API providers when it comes to real-time, and visualization layers on top of their existing APIs.