Getting To Know Markus Lanthaler For The API Craft 2014 Detroit Hypermedia Panel

I'm preparing for my hypermedia panel with Mike Amundsen (@mamund), Mike Kelly (@mikekelly85), Steve Klabnik (@steveklabnik), Kevin Swiber (@kevinswiber), Jørn Wildt (@JornWildt), and Markus Lanthaler (@MarkusLanthaler), at API Craft Detroit next week. I wanted to go into the panel with a snapshot, and at least a minimal understanding of each of the panelists. This is kind of an all-star panel of hypermedia experts, so I need to at least bump up my understanding of what they are contributing to the API space, and who they are, beyond what I know from my own interactions with these API leaders.

As I do with all of my research, I wanted to share my work with you, my reader. Next up is Markus Lanthaler. I knew of JSON-LD from work I was doing in the federal government, around making government services available, before I knew Markus. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he spoke at API Strategy & Practice in Amsterdam, as well as share the stage with him in Germany at API Days

Here is the outline of my research into Markus's work:

Markus Lanthaler

Using JSON-LD, Hydra, and to build awesome Web APIs

Title: Developer, Consultant, W3C Invited Expert
Mission: Working on JSON-LD and Hydra to make Web APIs more fun



JSON-LD is a lightweight Linked Data format. It is easy for humans to read and write.






Supporting JSON-LD:


  • JSON-LD NPM Package - A JSON-LD Processor and API implementation in JavaScript.


Hydra is an effort to simplify the development of interoperable, hypermedia-driven Web APIs. The two fundamental building blocks of Hydra are JSON‑LD and the Hydra Core Vocabulary.



  • HydraBundle - a bundle for Symfony2 to create Web APIs based on Hydra
  • HydraConsole - a generic API console for Hydra-powered Web APIs
  • HydraClient - a PHP client library to access Hydra-powered Web APIs
  • JsonLD - a JSON-LD processor implemented in PHP






I'm not posting all of this information just so I can share my research, it is also because Markus has an important vision of where we should take API design, and how we should be linking our most valuable data. While I learned a lot through this process, I will also use it as a reference for my panel at API Craft, and for other stories I write in the future.

I've already added Hydra and JSON-LD as a tools in my hypermedia API research. I could spend days going through this research, but I also have 2 ther hypermedia API experts to profile, so I'm going to move on to the others, and come back to my profile of Markus in the future to continue my own hypermedia education.