{"API Evangelist"}

The Resource Stack

I've been organizing much of my research around APIs into groupings that I call "stacks". The term allows me to loosely bundle common API resources into meaningful "stacks" for my readers to learn about.

I'm adding a new project to my list of 30+ stacks, that is intended to bring together the most commonly used API resources, into a single, meaningful stack of resources any web or mobile developer can quickly put to use.

So far I have compiled the following APIs in 29 separate groups:

This is just a start. I will publish a full stack, complete with logos, descriptions and links. For now I'm just flushing out my thoughts regarding what are some of the top resources that are currently available for developers.

I will be making another pass over the APIs I track on in the coming weeks, as well as add to the list each week as part of my monitoring.

If you see anything missing, that should be in there...let me know!