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New Open Source Backend as a Services Platform for Game Developers

A new player in the Backend as a Service (BaaS) space has emerged, from former OpenFeint co-founder Peter Relan--called OpenKit.  The new BaaS platform is targeting game developers, providing cross-platform tools for both iOS and Android.  The core features of the gaming BaaS platform are:

OpenKit represents a trend I’m tracking on where people are pulling together specialized or virtualized stacks targeting specific groups of developers. Early movers in the space like Kinvey, Parse and Cloudmine have generally catered to all types of developers by providing them a backend stack, that assists them in rapidly building mobile and web apps. So naturally the next step is to see more specialized stacks, for smaller groups of developers.

I’m stoked to see that OpenKit is completely open source, readily available on Github, as well as comes out of the box with a REST API. Open source BaaS is something I was identifying was missing from the space.

I will add OpenKit to my trends section for Backend as a Service, where I’m tracking on the BaaS space, and will dive in deeper and compare it with some of the other offerings we are seeing emerge.