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SOA Cloud 2012 Service Technology Symposium

I'm happy to be a media partner for the SOA Cloud 2012 Service Technology Symposium, the largest international conference dedicated to the exploration of SOA, cloud computing and modern service technologies.

SOA Cloud 2012 is happening September 24,25, 2012 in London, UK at the Imperial College London. The first day kicks off with:

The first day keynotes have not one space agency talking APIs, but two. With Vicente Navarro of the European Space Agency, and Hook Hua of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (NASA Center).

Second day keynotes are pretty impressive too, with opening keynote by Dennis Wisnosky, US Department of Defense – "Heading, Altitude & Airspeed: Service Orientation, Cloud & Semantics – All or Nothing!". Then Michael Hritz, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – "SOA, Cloud and Service Technologies at the FAA" and "The API Economy is Here: Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Your IT Enterprise" from Corey Scobie of SOA Software looks interesting.

A couple sessions I’m watching closely are:

Under the expert panels the The New World of Open APIs caught my eye, where they are discussing how the marketplace and economy that surround open APIs is rapidly growing, and has been further fueled by the acceptance of REST-based services and innovative hybrid solutions.

These are just a few of the keynotes, sessions and panel that caught my attention, I’m going to spend some time researching a couple of the speakers and companies and then I might have some more recommendations. It looks like a lot of API goodness packed into 2 days, and would make a fun trip to London this month.