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API Evangelist Partners Up with Singly To Evolve The Social and Personal API Space

The world around us is being redefined and a new currency is taking shape. Tweets on Twitter, wall posts to Facebook, pictures on Instagram, files on Dropbox and health data via Fitbit are emblematic of the emerging API-driven economy.

This data isn’t just social, nor just a currency. It is vital personal data that contains details from intimate aspects of our daily lives. Platform players like Facebook and Twitter have shown through their APIs the possibilities that emerge when developers can build, unfettered with their own creativity on top of this data -- enriching people’s lives in a richer, more connected way.

With the number of social and personal data APIs available today, it is getting increasingly difficult for developers to keep up to speed on which platforms are most important to their end users, the technical differences between each platform’s APIs and where to keep up with the changes from each platform as they are rolled out.

Even with all this confusion, there is help:

We believe the industry needs more leadership and content and we have partnered up to deliver:

In spending time with Jason Cavnar (@jasoncavnar), Jeremie Miller (@jeremie) and the Singly team, it’s clear they have a very valuable and unique perspective when it comes to API consumption and the future of personal data -- not only for consumers and developers but also that will benefit the platforms themselves. Every day they are monitoring and consuming the personal and social data flowing through the most important APIs in the space and I can’t wait to tell the stories of their journey and share their insights along the way. Keep an eye out for these stories in the coming weeks.