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API Evangelist Strategy for CityGrid

When I started with CityGrid as their API Evangelist, I wanted to make sure and share as much of my strategy with my audience here, in real-time. Of course I’ve been so busy executing I have forgotten to tell the story about what I’m doing.

So let me take a few moments to kick off telling the story of what I’m doing to build awareness of the CityGrid Places, Reviews, Offers and Advertising APIs.

Let me paint a picture from the 100K foot view, then in other posts I’ll go into more detail. Here are the areas I’m focusing on:

Of course there are a lot of details in these eight areas, but this provides an nice overview of the things I’m focusing on while evangelizing for CityGrid.

Even though I feel like I have a solid strategy around what I what need to accomplish for CityGrid, there is so much to learn on a week to week basis. That is why my weekly evaluation and updates are so important. I need to stop an evaluate what I’m doing every week and learn from it in as real-time as possible--so I can adjust quickly to prevent mistakes and maximize opportunities.

This is the best part of what I do, I’m constant learning at the forefront of technology that is changing the face of multiple industries. Not only do I get paid to do this, I get to share it here on API Evangelist so that others can learn from my success, and my mistakes.