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Google APIs Discovery Service

TheGoogle APIs Discovery Service provides a set of web APIs for discovering metadata across Google APIs.

The discovery service delivers a JSON-based API that provides a directory of supported Google APIs, and a machine-readable discovery document"for each of the supported APIs that includes: Developers can use the Google APIs Discovery Service to build client libraries, IDE plugins and other tools that interact with supported Google APIs.

The Google APIs Discovery Service delivers two things for each supported API: The Google APIs Discovery Service is part of a larger effort by Google to get a handle on their growing number of APIs. Developers find themselves potentially using multiple Google APIs across many application or client projects.

The Google APIs Discovery Service allows developers to find new APIs available in the directory and programmatically discover how the API authenticates, what methods, and parameters are available.

Not many companies have the number of APIs that Google has, and would need an API discovery service. But with the recent growth in web APIs there will be more of a need for API discovery services within specific areas or industries.