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Data APIs and Exploration with Infochimps

Infochimps recently launch some new API calls, and expect to be launching hundreds more in the coming months.

Infochimps is taking large data sets in areas likecensus, housing, and education and making them available via an API.

Also Infochimps is bundling these data sets and RESTful APIs with their API Explorer. This allows even non-developers to play with large data sets.

Some new API calls they've built are: Infochimps is not just liberating data via APIs, they are making it more accessible through their API explorer and data marketplace.

You can search for data that is free or paid, available for download or through their API, alphabetically, or by upload date.

Infochimps is also looking for suggestions for new APIs and datasets, you can submit ideas using the Infochimps UserVoice page.