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Mobile Provider APIs - Part 2

The other day I noticed three new APIs that were launched by mobile providers.

Just two days after I wrote that up, I saw the announcement of several more APIs from mobileproviders.

Here are seven more mobile providers that are delivering APIs:

Deutsche Telekom Developer Garden provides community, documentation, code, applications and much more around their APIs: Ericsson Labs provides a developer community around their impressive set of APIS: France Telecom's Orange provides tools, widgets, documentation and resources for build applications around their APIs: Singtel Innovation Exchange provides news, resources and tools for developing and marketing applications built around their APIs: Telenor provides a think it, make it sell it framework around their four APIs: Vodafone Developer provides Android development tools and widgets for developing, and resources for publishing and distributing apps. They also provide three web services: Ribbit is a little different then the others, it uses a Software as a Service(SaaS) model to deliver services.

Ribbit provides a SaaS platform around its telephony APIs: Mobile providers seem to have recognized the value of APIs to their business, and are providing a wide variety of mobile APIs for developers and partners to use.